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The Initial Period With Your New Dobermann Puppy

The initial period with your Doberman Pup is a fun topic.. So, your purebred Dobermann pup has come home for the first time. He or she has left Mum, Dad, sisters and brothers behind and has been placed in a new environment. Doberman puppies are fine when you are cuddling them, however, any Doberman breederRead More »

Breeder Iron Guard, On Dobermans And Their Puppies

  Iron Guard Dobermann Breeder Standards   Creating the utmost family protection dogs is the specialty of Iron Guard Dobermans. We are breeding part of Australia’s finest Doberman puppies, utilizing the greatest working lines from Europe, and making them available to families all over Australia from our Melbourne, Victoria location! Our dogs are superior examples of mentallyRead More »

How To Raise Purebred Doberman Puppies – From The Breeder!

The Doberman is a highly sought-after breed that is famous for its distinct musculature and innate intelligence. Training the dogs at a young age will set them up for a well-behaved adulthood. The puppies will grow into exceptional companions that will amaze and bring joy to those around them. Distinguishing Breeds Dobermans are in theRead More »

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