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A Music Band’s Definitive Guide To Making The Big Time!

Stomp! For bands that want to be BIG! Usually, music is what brings a band together; but it is success that keeps them together. For bands, success is not just a goal; it is a necessity, especially when the band members want to keep making music. However, not every band that dreams of making itRead More »

The Laura Bijou Melbourne MUA difference..

Laura Bijou is the Glamour Queen of Melbourne makeup artists, specializing in model makeup, wedding & bridal makeup and all the special days you can think of where you need to look your best. Because everybody deserves to feel pretty! Call 1300 79 72 26 to book your beautification by Melbourne’s MUA Glamour Queen!  

Laura Bijou Offers Exceptional Makeup Services in Melbourne

If you are looking for a makeup artist Melbourne makeup artist Laura Bijou can offer makeup services that are personalized, professional, and impressive every time. You may need model makeup suitable for your portfolio pictures or wedding and bridal makeup for your big day, and these are times when experience and professionalism will be crucial.Read More »

Dobermans Are Alert, Loyal And Intelligent Breed Of Dog

Doberman Pinschers are a common breed of dog. The Doberman is regarded as alert, loyal and intelligent. The doberman was viewed as a great police dog or guard dog, but many feel that Dobermans make good companions and the Doberman puppy is a bundle of energy. Dobermanns are popular in many countries and they areRead More »

The Modern Makeup Artist & Cruelty Free Makeup Products

A majority of the leading makeup artists in the world today have successfully made a full transition to products that are cruelty free. This means that the products are not tested on animals, there is no longer a need to worry about the idea that something which provides you with a flawless complexion on aRead More »

Hand Rearing Puppies: Keep The Little Suckers Sucking!

Puppies are perhaps the most adorable creatures known to man. As they clumsily explore their daunting new world, it’s almost impossible not to smile. Occasionally, though puppies must be hand reared if the mother rejects them, or if she passes away prior to rearing her young on her own. For larger litters—often greater than fiveRead More »

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