A win for students now with new Marketing internships now on tap, this will make sure you give you a reason to party

Grad students seeking to grow beyond the horizons with their career can look on with a brand new sign of hope, now that the future of internships have now been turned into a simple user friendly system for all grads seeking internships for industry related experience & potential future employment.

Filling the hole in the market for the young students who have been neglected for so long, Industry Placements Australia has come in to save the day. Using their industry knowledge and passion for personal development are helping uni students obtain suitable internships in areas such as marketing internships, accounting and even design related positions. IPA has developed partnerships with small businesses and well known companies alike so that they are able to help students into such opportunities that will give interns the experience they need to reach their goals both financially and in their careers.

Looking for a time when Australia’s future workforce is one which is always growing over sitting like it has been for the last few years. With an aim of being Australia’s leader in the education sector, the future is in ambitious hands with Industry Placements Australia.

How’s it does it work?
The process is simple, students apply for the internships they are seeking, they then get put forward to the business as a prospective candidate for said internship alongside other interns, then the selection process will bring it down to however many interns are required. Students will then be notified that they are the successful intern and offered the job.

If the successful applicant chooses to take up the offer, they are then required to pay a small administration fee to secure this position with their future intern employment business.

Seeking a marketing internship or even accounting, will give students the chance to kick start their careers by developing their personal skills in a professional environment. Employers will be also given the chance to fully trial the student as an intern and have the option to hire them after completing their internship. Meaning students can easily secure their first actual job after completing their term as an intern.

Effectively gaining an industry related internship in your chosen field will be the real start point for the rest of your professional life. Giving real people real skills.}

As a new small business Industry Placements Australia is counting on the support of the young workforce to help secure it’s own growth and as a result, promises a more efficient process for all students to gain the best possible form of employment in the future. IPA also aims to keep the process simple and look after clients on both the sides of small businesses and students alike, ensuring everybody involved is happy with the professional services they receive.


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