A win for uni students now with new accounting internships now on tap, this will yes, it’s time to celebrate!

University students honing in to grow the horizons of their career can now look on with a new image of hope, as the future of interns have now been made into a simple user friendly system to all graduate students seeking marketing internships for industry suited experience & prospective employment.

Filling the hole in the market for the younger generation who‘ve been neglected for so long, Industry Placements Australia has flown in to rescue the day. Utilizing their industry know-how and love for personal development are helping graduate students gain suitable intern roles in areas such as business marketing internships, accounting and even graphic design related jobs. Industry Placements has made business alliances with businesses & known companies as well so that they are able to assist pupils into such opportunities that will give the students the know-how they‘ll need to get to their needs both in the financial & in their job prospects.

How’s it does it work?internships for marketing
The process is clear, students apply for the internships they are seeking, theythen get put in the sight of the business as a potential option for advertised position with the other interns, then the selection process would take it down to however many interns that are required. Students are notified that they‘re the winning intern and given the employment over others.

If the winning job seeker choose to accept employment, they‘re then asked to pay a small admin fee to hold this job with their future internship employment small business.


What does an internship do for you?

Getting a grip on an intern position in areas like marketing or even accounting, will give undergraduates the chance to kick start their careers by growing their inter personal skills in a professional environment. Businesses will be also offered the chance to fully trial the undergraduate as a fulltime intern and be given the opportunity to hire them post ending their position. This means uni student can simply land their first actual position after finishing their time in a marketing internship.

Effectively gaining an industry related internship in your chosen field will be the real start point for the duration of your professional life. Giving real students real skills.

As a brand new small business IPA is requesting the support of the new workforce to help hold down it’s own growth and as a result, promises a more straightforward process for all undergraduates to gain the best possible form of employment in the future. IPA also wants to keep the system easy to use and look out for customers on both sides of companies & graduates alike, ensuring everyone working together is 100% happy with the proservices they receive.


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