Avoid Slip And Fall Injuries With Non-Slip Technology

Do you have any idea what kind of legal consequences you could face if someone slips on a floor on your premises? This is the type of injury that attracts lawsuits. Besides the legal fees you could also be paying out a large sum of money to pay for their medical treatment. You can save yourself from those headaches with non slip floor coatings.

Statistics show that more than 540,000 people are in need of hospitalization every year due to slip and fall injuries. Over 450 of those people succumb to those injuries. Choosing to put in a professional non slip floor can help you prevent this type of injury from every happening.

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Treating Kitchen Floors

This kind of accident can happen in residential areas too, especially in the kitchen where there are marble or granite floors. Just imagine slipping over a pool of water from a leaky water dispenser and injuring yourself against a hard marble floor. What if on your way down you grabbed onto a container of hot boiling oil and it covered you with burning grease. It’s not a pretty picture. You need to make use of anti slip technology.

Safeguarding the Bathroom Floor

It is easy to get a soapy buildup on your bathroom floor. This is usually the result of irregular cleaning. A soapy buildup is slick and can cause people to slip and possibly injure themselves. You can take precautions against this type of accident by choosing to add an anti slip floor treatments to your bathroom and kitchen floors.

Treaded Surfaces Are a Solid Staircase Solution

Ever wonder why cars don’t skid on wet surfaces when the brakes are applied? It’s because of their unique tread pattern. They are designed to displace the water and maintain a skid-free application.

You can also use this type of solution by applying a non-slip stair tread cover to your staircase. You can have them installed during their construction or have them retrofitted over your existing ones. There are also models you can get that utilize self-adhesive backs that are easy to put down. All you do is clean off the step surface, cut your treaded strip down to the proper size, and then remove the silicon paper off the back, exposing the adhesive. Then you apply it to your stair surface.

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Patio Floor Protection

This treaded rubber surface solution can also be used for your patio floor. You just want to always buy your treaded rubber from a store where you know you can get replacements, and that has the kind that are aesthetically pleasing for your decor.

Garage Floor

Aside from how bad they make your garage floor look, oil and grease stains are hard on your shoes and can cause people to slip and fall. You need to clean your garage floor first, then apply a slippery floor treatments (anti-skid) to it.

Wet Floors and Shoe Soles

Sadly, a lot of shoes that have leather soles rarely have good tread on them. They tend to lose their grip when you’re walking on wet tiles. If, however, your shoes have treaded ‘rubber’ soles, then you can get the kind of traction you can trust on general surfaces.

Best Solution

Your best option for handling slippery floors is to call a specialist and let them help you with slip-proofing your home or business. They are skilled and knowledgeable in the latest technology for keeping your areas slip-free. Don’t risk a lawsuit, call a professional today.

If you can’t see why you should test your floors for the “slippery factor” then you should watch this video:

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