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Creating the utmost family protection dogs is the specialty of Iron Guard Dobermans. We are breeding part of Australia’s finest Doberman puppies, utilizing the greatest working lines from Europe, and making them available to families all over Australia from our Melbourne, Victoria location!

Our dogs are superior examples of mentally stable, healthy and strong animals, how all dogs should be. Our Doberman puppies are groomed from birth to truly become the very best furry family members possible. Throughout their first stint on earth, the puppies who grow well with highly nutritious superfoods, are socialized with as many different scenarios as they can handle.

With Iron Guard Dobermans, while you do not have to be a seasoned Doberman owner, since we only allow our puppies for sale to go to good homes, we do want that person seeking to show their new family member all the love that they deserve.

In return, what can you expect? From your new furry friend, you can only expect the very best. Our Dobermans are extremely intelligent and loving, and truly set the standards for societies views on the breed.

There are three main points that contribute to the perfect Doberman dog and they are Diet, Nurture & Nature. All the right boxes remain ticked, as the Doberman puppies are being raised. Our puppies are brought up in a social environment, picked from great stable bloodlines and always fed the most nutritious dog food. They also always get all the good fats they need and many superfoods as well. The perfect companion possible , with the very best kick start in life, is the end result of these efforts.

We encourage and truly welcome any and all testimonials from all new Doberman owners of just how they felt their experience with us was conducted, and just what they thought of the whole thing. We truly want to always satisfy our customers, and have our pups enjoy a great life!


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