Catering to your business conference needs, whats involved?

Conference Catering


Take a bite of fresh and mouth-watering food and top it off with crisp wine during your conferences and seminars. We make events memorable and more relaxing with our  extensive menu. We offer first-class catering services all over Melbourne from small-scale office seminar to bigger events.


A delicious start


It is commonly embraced belief that breakfast is the most important part of the day, and in which author John Gunther once said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” And we are not one to contest the idea. So, in that trail of happy and yummy logic, we created a wide array of appetizing early meal.


Choose from savory or sweet catering options thoughtfully prepared for by our experienced chefs. If you want to have a healthy meal to start your conference, lay your worries aside because you can  select from our menu. However, if you wish to have a rich  breakfast, get your pick from warm pastries fresh from the oven, or heavenly muffins, unforgettable quiches, and a lot more.


Champion Sandwich


Included in our conference catering options are conference sandwich catering. These sandwiches are made on the first hours of your event, ensuring that you will get to have a freshly made sandwich. You and your guests are sure to enjoy the divine, and exciting flavours of our food list. We take pride in our scrumptious miniature bread made with the freshest and finest ingredient, and carefully prepared by our competent chefs your taste buds will thank you.

delicious sliders

Save on Space,Maximize the Fun


Want to enjoy a varied range of delectable goods, but you only have a limited space?  Never fear, we provide customized lunch box catering for our events catering. This option is perfect for crowd-filled events. The lunch box catering can be filled with our signature miniature bread, gourmet salad, and other savory dishes without sacrificing quality.

rice paper rolls


Unforgettable Moments


The size of your crowd shouldn’t get you worried over the quality and quantity of the food to eat because we got your back. Our conference catering services are nothing short of impressive from the taste of meal to the first-class services of our staffs. So gather your guests and leave the cooking to us.

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