Dobermans Are Alert, Loyal And Intelligent Breed Of Dog

Doberman Pinschers are a common breed of dog. The Doberman is regarded as alert, loyal and intelligent. The doberman was viewed as a great police dog or guard dog, but many feel that Dobermans make good companions and the Doberman puppy is a bundle of energy.

Dobermanns are popular in many countries and they are a recognizable breed, however, the Doberman breed appears to have gained a lot of media attention in recent times. Careful breeding has improved the Dobermans nature and today’s Doberman pinscher is a bundle of energy and considered a suitable family pet. Some class dobermann pinschers as outdoor dogs, but the Doberman, especially a puppy, enjoys indoor life.

Their Tails

Dobermann pinschers have reasonably long tails, but some breeders dock the tails. The tail is surgically docked shortly after the puppy is born..

Dogs have been having their tails docked for hundreds of years, way before the Doberman breed came into existence. If the tail is removed it doesn’t get in the way when the dog works, however, tail docking is and always will be controversial. The American Kennel Club sets the standard for docking Doberman pinschers tails – the tail should be docked adjacent to the second vertebrae. Tail docking is considered standard practice in Japan, Russia and the United States. Docking is legal in these countries, but the procedure is also legal in other regions. Numerous European countries, including Australia, have made tail docking illegal, and the practice is limited in others.

Many breeds of dog, including Dobermans, have their ears cropped. Crop the ears and the dog can hear well, hence it becomes a good guard dog. The ears are cropped and erect, in accordance with rules laid down by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. Ear cropping is not allowed in some countries and the dobermann pinschers seen in many illustrations have not had their ears cropped. Ear cropping is carried out when the Doberman is a puppy. In general, the procedure is done when the puppy is between seven and nine weeks old. The surgical procedure is carried out under anesthesia and ear cropping carried out on older dogs is rarely a success.

Certain information shows that dobermann pinschers can be shown with natural or cropped ears, but it is unclear whether cropped ears reduce ear infections. However, Germany has banned Dobermans with cropped ears and docked tails from being shown. If Germany is host to an international event the dog owner must obtain written dispensation before showing the dog.

Dobermann pinschers are known as working dogs and a percentage class them as aggressive and ferocious. The Doberman was originally bred to be a personal protection dog, the animal had to be large, fearless and ready to defend its handler, but, from a puppy, it was expected to obey command. These traits meant the dog was regarded as a good police dog, war dog or personal defense dog, but few viewed them as the ideal pet dog. Modern breeders have bred a new less aggressive dog and the Doberman is now viewed as a loyal, even tempered, intelligent animal that is easy to train. In reality, dobermanns are good house dogs. Dobermann pinschers are obedient, fearless, watchful and energetic and the Doberman puppy is delightful.

It is easy to teach the Doberman pinscher to protect and respect their owner and this makes them the perfect personal protection dog. As a rule, Dobermans are sociable animals who will mix well with dogs and humans alike. However, the Doberman is a breed that may act aggressively towards strange people or animals, though they rarely show aggression toward their owner.

Some say North American Dobermans are calmer than the European dobermanns. North American Dobermanns are bred differently, making them more receptive to strangers and other dogs.

Dobermann pinschers have a unique personality and scientific evidence shows Dobermans are highly intelligent. A particular study concluded that Dobermanns were exceptionally playful, marginally curious and a little unsociable, whereas another study showed the dog was highly aggressive, disagreeable and difficult to train.

Doberman pinschers are thought to be a combination of several breeds including the Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Thuringian Shepherd Dog, Greyhound, Great Dane, Manchester terrier, German Short-haired Pointer, Beauceron and the Thuringian Sylvan Dog.

It is interesting to note, the US Marine Corp classed the Doberman as its war dog, but dobermann pinschers were not exclusively used in this role. The breed was all but lost after the war and not one Doberman puppy was registered between 1949 and 1958. However, Werner Young scoured local farms in search of pinschers; hence he single-handedly saved the breed. The American Kennel Club now ranks Doberman pinschers as one of the top twelve pure-breeds of 2012 and 2013.

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