Expert Tips To Build An Eye Catching Resume To Score Your Dream Marketing Internship

8 points to an excellent resume for a recent University Grad.

Approximately 1.6 million University students Graduated in Australia this year. Some will go straight into their job search with quite an impressive resume, while others will begin searching with no experience whatsoever.

It matters not which end of the spectrum you find yourself on, as long as you can produce an attention catching resume that gives the recruiter a fantastic first impression in the few seconds they spend reviewing it.

To get a better idea of what makes a good resume stand out from the pack, Amanda Augustine, a career expert at an online job matching service, TheLadders, was asked to create a sample of a resume for a recent grad with some work experience.

Augustine has outlined a few reasons why this is an excellent outline for a recent uni graduate seeking an internship in Melbourne.

Resume for seeking a Melbourne internship

1. It includes a link to the applicants professional profile. All recent grads should create at least one profile used to establish their professional brand. A good idea is to create an online portfolio and add the link to that site as part of their contact information.” Consider changing your personal account names to your first and middle name to avoid association.

2. There’s very little “fluff” in the professional summary. It can certainly be tempting to throw in some creative buzzwords such as “proactive” and “motivated” but recruiters know these terms are added fluff and will be less than impressed to see them sneak their way into an otherwise well crafted resume.

3. His Enter Score was listed. A good rule of thumb is that if your Enter Score is above a 70¬†you should include this in your resume Augustine explains. If your Enter Score in your major is higher than your overall Enter Score then it’s best to use that instead. However, anything below a 70¬†should be omitted from your resume all together. But be prepared to explain why you left this information out.

4. There’s no mention of high school. A potential employer is more interested in what you have accomplished lately, not four or more years ago. The focus should be on highlighting accomplishments and work experience that complimented your University career. Consider listing your goals in a small business environment.

5. His course work isn’t mentioned. Since the applicant has Marketing internship experience that showcases his sales and marketing skills, there’s no reason to note that he has taken “Intro to Communication” and “Principles of Marketing”. This knowledge is simply implied by his new degree in communications. If you lack any relevant experience either from internships or other activities However you may need to list some relevant higher level courses you have taken.

6. There’s no use of pronouns. There may be some debate among professionals about the need to add a little personal flair to resumes. Augustine explains that the general practice is to refrain from “I” or “me” statements and speaking about yourself in the first person. Also, don’t use pronouns or your name to refer to yourself in the third person.

7. Shane used action verbs to recap his roles and responsibilities. Did you notice that each of Shane’s bullets under his roles Shane begins with an action verb? His points don’t mention what he was responsible for doing but instead he showcases what accomplishments he has made and how this contributed to his end result. Augustine explains than when you’re new to the work force your list of contributions may be short, but it’s always important to use action verbs.

8. It doesn’t list references. As an entry level professional you only get one page of real estate to work with so cut out this section. Employers know that you will provide this information upon request in a face to face interview.

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