Feel like being extremely beautiful for the day of your life, maybe you would just like to experience the shortcuts to improving your amazing traits?

Laura Bijou thinks all people deserve to feel beautiful.

Whatever your requirement is, you have come to the right place, Laura has been attracted to makeup for a very long period, with a brilliant eye for the details, fluff & everything as well, Laura is the ‘goto’ freelance makeup artist in Melbourne, VIC.

Laura Bijou Makeup artist

Perhaps you would enjoy sitting down with Laura & have a make-up lesson to learn your more attractive physical traits from an outside non-bias perspective? It’s not all about tutoring the make up techniques you might use, there will be styleing advice also!

Draw attention to favourite physical traits using the finest make up that Melbourne can offer. Laura is a mobile make up artist who‘s got a skill for turning you in to what ever look you can think of, and matching your personality to it. It is totally transforming. Regardless of the outing, if you’re heading out solo or as a group, you’ll be wearing the best face for flattering your inner beauty.

Does she offer these makeup skills everywhere in Melbourne, VIC?

Yes but extra costs are calculated for her to travel to any location that is more than 40 mins from where she lives in Melbourne’s Southeast.

You can get yourself a guide on the costs for your needs or find out more info about her makeup services by ringing 1300 79 72 26 or visit her website. Alternatively just put her name into your default search engine and she’ll be located.

Available for your pretty needs.


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