How A Makeup Artist Melbourne Can Help You?

A makeup artist Melbourne can help you get that perfect look without much ado. He will also show you ways how to make your make up last for longer periods of time. When you hire a mobile makeup artist, you will get to learn the techniques used in beauty and model makeup, and film and photoshoot makeup.

So, let us get started on ways a make up artist can help.

Mobile makeup artist Laura Bijou

The foundation or the base

Modern base applications use sophisticated materials and won’t stifle your skin as in the earlier times. However, the important thing here is to choose the right colour for the base. A makeup artist will help you in this by testing the base on your face against the natural light. And when you have found the right shade, you will know it is half the job done.

At the same time, a makeup artist Melbourne will also help you to learn how to:

*Clean and moisturize your face prior to applying the base.
*Apply primer. You only need to apply one if you want to the the makeup to last long– for example, for a night party, etc.
*Know the amount of coverage you need for your foundation. Using fingers will do well enough for a minimal coverage. However, if you are looking for a greater coverage, make sure to use a sponge.
*Properly apply a concealer if you need one. The rule of the thumb is apply one which is a shade lighter than your skin. This way it will look more natural.

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How to highlight and contour

The next thing is to use the proper techniques to contour and highlight your face. How you will do it, will depend on the shape of your face. Normal face shapes are diamond, square, oblong, heart, oval and round. A mobile makeup artist will help you learn what kind of techniques to use for the face shape you have.

Normally, the contour color should be two shades darker than the colour of your foundation, whereas the highlight colour needs to be one shade lighter than the colour of the foundation.

Make the eyes stand out

This is another vital part of your makeup. A makeup artist will help you learn how to use a eyelash curler. For instance, a curler should never be placed around the lashes for more than 5 seconds. Otherwise, you will get a crimp effect rather than a curl. Next is to apply a basic black or brown mascara.

How to use the liner is also something to learn. Different manners of use and different colours will result in different effects such as an ingénue, sleek, or a matte look, etc.



Luscious and glowing lips will act as an anchor to your entire makeup and will give your face balance and energy. The color you use for your lipstick is important. Normally, if you have done a strong makeup, you may consider using a lighter or matte gloss and lipstick. This way, your face will look balanced, and more nuanced.

These are just a few of the little tricks of the trade that a master makeup artist Melbourne can reveal to you, and in the process, help you gain that flawless look you always wanted for yourself.

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