How To Raise Purebred Doberman Puppies – From The Breeder!

The Doberman is a highly sought-after breed that is famous for its distinct musculature and innate intelligence. Training the dogs at a young age will set them up for a well-behaved adulthood. The puppies will grow into exceptional companions that will amaze and bring joy to those around them.

Distinguishing Breeds

Dobermans are in the middle when it comes to size. They are physically gifted with a regal physique with the ability to run at a good speed while maintaining superb endurance. This in combination with their capacity to learn quickly makes them the perfect breed for technical military and police operations. However, owners must be careful not to trigger common health concerns so as to extend their lifespan. The best way to ensure good health is to acquire a puppy from a reputable Doberman breeder.

These dogs are extremely loyal. Their lively and attentive manner has made them a favorite among canine lovers. On the other hand, they also demand quite a bit of attention so they may not be the best option for those who have little time to devote to their pets. Dobermans require consistent exercise so that they can channel their energy into something productive. Puppies will have to be trained early and given plenty of care. In return, they will become great friends for a lifetime.


Social Training

Doberman puppies should start their socialization training as soon as possible in order for them to get used to company whether it be dog or human. They could be taken to parks on a leash and introduced to other dogs and allowed to come close to friendly people. In this manner, they will learn to relax around others and stay composed in a crowd.


A Word of Caution

There should be some limits to training for the sake of the puppies. Limit sessions to 15 minutes to prevent boredom and retain their focus. A day can be peppered with multiple sessions which are properly spaced. Make sure to keep things interesting to sustain their motivation. Devote each session to a singular trick to avoid confusion.

The Right Approach

There is a tendency to shower Doberman puppies with adoration because of their attractive appearance but owners have to draw the line when they need to. When Dobermanns get spoiled, they could take advantage of the owner’s kindness and become quite assertive. Therefore, people have to take charge and show their authority right away. Rules around the house must stay consistent for them to follow directions. If they get away with a certain behavior, then they might think that it’s okay and do it repeatedly.


Encouragement Through Rewards

Desirable behaviors are best inculcated through rewards instead of punishments. Dogs will be able to retain the preferred results and keep on doing them if they are associated with positive experiences. They will try to do the same things that have previously earned them a few treats and the owner’s adoration.

Sometimes dogs become unruly as they advance in age. They are harder to control and so some type of punishment may be necessary to dissuade them from repeating their bad behavior. Physically harming the dog through striking is not recommended. Aside from being traumatic, it can also degenerate into a worse situation.

Owners should become familiar with how dogs behave in the wild to learn what to do when their pet misbehaves. Cesar Millan, for instance, would mimic their tendency to bite an errant dog around the neck with a firm prod of the fingers. Such interventions take skill and it may be best to contact specialists for a particularly problematic pet. They can come to the house, observe the situation, and do what is needed to remedy the problem. Their techniques will vary but they will be careful not to cause pain to the beloved pet. Once things are under control, they could also teach owners how they can manage the dog themselves.

In summary, Dobermanns are smart dogs that require both physical and mental exercises on a consistent basis. Puppies will grow up to be well-behaved pets as long as their needs are adequately met. Owners will be able to enjoy the affection and loyalty from their adorable Dobermans for years to come.


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