Laura Bijou Is Your Mobile Makeup Artist Melbourne

Advertise your best features using only the freshest and the finest makeup trends that a makeup artist Melbourne has to offer. Laura Bijou is a makeup artist who has a knack for turning people into a look that matches with their personalities. Whatever occasion you have in mind, whether you’re going solo or as part of a group, Laura will see that you’re wearing the perfect make up for accentuating your face and personality.


What Kind of Makeup Services Will Laura Provide?

Laura actually provides here makeup artist services for any occasion. This includes, but is definitely not limited to – films, weddings, group makeup parties, or photo shoots. She gives out free advice as well regarding various makeup application techniques.


Does She Do Male Makeup Services Too?

Never underestimate this artist’s creativity. Yes, she also offers male makeup services. Actually, most of the clients she has for film and photo shoots are males.


Can She Match My Makeup to The Color of my Dress?

She absolutely can. Lots of her previous clients call her Melbourne’s ‘Glamour Queen’. That is because all she needs to do is look at someones outfit, hair, and face, and she can create a perfect makeup style to match. She always takes different color arrangements of each event into consideration. It the event is a wedding, then she can create a totally matched makeup style that will compliment the entire entourage and outfits. Clients can also opt for a makeup solution that is more optimized.

Me and my friends are interested in a group makeup service, but are hesitant because we’re not sure if she’d be able to finish everybody on time. How does she handle group sessions?


Laura has very extensive experience for providing groups with a makeup session. She is always involved in weddings and photo shoots. You can have peace of mind knowing that nothing is going to be delayed.


She has an exceptional mobile makeup service, where she’s able to do her miraculous ‘mix and match’ work to give everybody a unique look that will highlight their features. Because she has such a passion for makeup and styling, she is able to create the right solution for each individual, right there on the spot. That means no time is going to be wasted. She’s very generous in sharing her techniques and she give makeup lessons as well.

Laura can give you tips on choosing ideal brads and give you her expertise and knowledge in a makeup lesson for a base rate. It depends on the complexity of what work is needed, as well as the venue, time, and other factors.

Does She Service Anywhere Within Melbourne?

Absolutely! However, for certain locations, that are more than 40 minutes away from where she lives, some additional fees may apply.

How Can I Get A Quote or Ask a Few Questions?

Simply dial 1300 79 72 26 or click the ‘Contact Me’ button up on the right hand side of her website. Put your information into the form along with your name and a message and hit ‘Submit’. Laura Bijou will then get back to you ASAP.


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