Make Your Venue A Success For Booking

A customer calls and makes an enquiry. You negotiate and try to iron out all the little details. Time for the all-important site visit to take place. Then the customer steps into the space and says “I don’t know if this is going to work for my event.”
You’re flummoxed. Seems it shouldn’t matter whether it’s a small cocktail party for 40 or a conference of 500, in any instance, this opportunity is to sell your space, and get that booking.
You need some tips for venue hire in Melbourne when conducting a site inspection with a potential customer, amongst other things.
First, you need to know your brief. It’s important that the space is tailored to the brief and what the customer expects. It’s a site inspection that you need to be prepared for with answers, but it’s also very important that the space is setup for how the customer expects to see it for their event.

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During the walk through, be advised that the customer won’t really care about the small details but to mostly to the big things and how they relate to their event. When you’re offering corporate catering in Melbourne, you’ve gotta focus on the customer’s event.
You need to ask yourself what the customer sees with catering Companies and venues and what the customer will see with your venue for hire in Melbourne compared with other venues. If you think it’s because of your new lighting or your new bar spaces, think again because every venue needs to push their features, but what makes yours more special?
Make sure you tailor the experience to the event and the client so that your venue is a custom show for the client. If the customer expects open bar, then make sure you have the bars situated in the right places for easy access. You’ll only have one shot to prove to the customer that your venue is the right place for them.

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Don’t worry about forcing copies of menus or floor plans upon them, but have them ready, because more often than not these go straight into the trash bin. If the client isn’t sure about something, it’s a great excuse for a follow-up email.
In the end, be as excited as the client is when you’re trying to plan their event. In fact, be more excited! Ask as many questions about the customer and their event as you can and discuss what you can do to make their event both meaningful and memorable and make sure they see your enthusiasm.
Finally, make sure you have the parking covered off. Many hotels understand that valet parking is part of the welcome package and a big part of the customer experience. If you don’t have this valet service, then the least you can do is offer tips on where it’s best to park, or at least provide warnings about time restrictions and what customers need to know. Simplicity in parking makes the whole process of arriving and getting in without a hassle — which is what you want in order to get your venue off on the right foot. Learn more here…

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