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MICK ‘o’ WAR is your Aussie Marketing Genius, learning all seriously needed abilities required to get YOUR small company off the ground and slogging goals! Mick went from sulking on welfare, to finding the best road to making a win with your small company (By quick I imply the last ten years!).

Exactly what is Marketing?
Just the task of attracting clients, in this case, it’s by means of the new age tech systems that have actually seen the failure of the Yellow Pages, I’m talking of course about Google & all the online search engines. This tech actually wiped out the old school print directories over a small few years, developing an entire new industry, called Search Engine Optimisation. We in the industry reduce this by calling it SEO or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), so if individuals start throwing that jargon around, you’ll now understand we’re not JUST insane!
Will SEO Help My Small Business?
Between us, I can’t believe of an instance that it would’nt, unless the aim of your company is to have no customers. But if you have a brain (I’m sure you do), more leads suggests more greater profit and you don’t have to be a aviation pilot to determine the maths.

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“I Can not Afford It Right Now”.
Put it this way, do you desire to be successful and make something of your startup company? If you prefer to get by for the rest of your time, you had better stop checking this out now, but if you’re desiring success as much as you desire to breath, you will need to hit the “hustle” button and figure out a way to manage it!

“My Site Kind of Blows and Won’t Sell Our Small Business”.
All the better, I’ll develop you a website and host it for you for a small weekly cost, NOTHING down! You haven’t come across a better offer offered in Melbourne before. I’ll make you a fantastic and cheap business web design doing as much or as little design work as you require done to it in order to give it wings. Best of all for you, you can go out and make your money before I get mine! Can you yell out “That’s a quite swish offer!”. Yes you can!

Born & Bred Entrepreneur.
I’ve always had a business state of mind, even as a child, so if you‘re trying to find a new SEO attack method, you have actually found the ideal person to assist you raise the bar a level! If you desire something, you have to get in touch with me so I can assist you achieve it with my lean advertising techniques.

I’m Just a Warm Hearted Health Guy.
I like physical fitness, I’m into body-building and I also participate in singing for rock and metal bands. My other pastime is breeding security canines. I have a good heart and I’m just here to assist you.

My personal slogan is “We’re looking out for the little guy!

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