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MICKoWAR runs and operates a operation dedicated to offering great SEO for Small business. Mick deals with loads of industries at many different levels. MICKoWAR is an seo expert who knows how to make any small business boom.

Mick has little spare time; however, he loves singing with a more than just heavy metal ensemble and he is a renowned dobermann breeder. Mick is also an avid body-builder. He spent his formative years doing a number of professions. He accepted many artwork jobs and enjoyed working as a personal security guard. However, today Mick concentrates on online marketing for smaller online businesses. If you own a small operation that is not being properly marketed in the digital nether, maybe it’s time to contact Mick.

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Mickowar took a break from being the seo master in 2012. However, he began to notice that many of his personal websites were doing well, that not taking it back up would cost him big time. He took a closer look at the business websites and decided there was a high demand for his creative marketing skills. Mick had found his vocation; he decided to continue with his seo work. Since then, he has gone on to formulate leading business solutions for many a small company. At present, Mick’s clients range from well-established multi-million dollar companies to new start up businesses.

Today, Mick is the owner of some lucrative online small businesses. One of Mick’s many small business websites is dedicated to musicians and bands that need banners for stage and metal band logo design services. This small biz site has received over 45,000 targeted hits; hence the site has created work and money. As mentioned a little earlier, Mick breeds euro line Doberman puppies and his Doberman has recently given birth to a small litter of the strong puppies. Forward thinking Mick created a mini web page using content that targeted select search phrases related. The site was on a win and every puppy was sold. Dog breeders who are trying to home new puppies incur huge expenses marketing their kennel, but this cheap Melbourne web design enabled him to make a great return on investment. The site is only a few months old, but it gets 45 to 90 targeted visitors daily.small business websites victoria

Mick has hundreds of unique coaching ideas for cheap small business sites and he would like to share his winning web knowledge with you. Contact MICKoWAR today to kick some ass.

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