Some Thoughts On Drug Rehabilitation

Is it the substance or the behavior that we are actually addicted to when it comes to addictions, or perhaps it is to the feelings that are generated by it?

It is to the feel good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that one can say they are addicted to, and just why and how do these get released? And how can the addiction be stopped by dealing with the associated feelings?

It is around this idea that our main focus is based at our centre. The rate of success has been very high, with virtually every case going through our unique and innovative program able to achieve success getting past their addiction.

As people, when we go to make a decision, we tend to make it by how we “feel” about something. Our emotions lead the way. And in order to be happy, we are always seeking to reach the next goal. When we do, we feel great for a moment, but then it is onto the next horizon!

Social pressure and constant advertising tell us that we should always be feeling totally happy. And so often, this is the image we look to project to the world. In truth, the pressures continue to build inside to maintain this fa├žade.

Now imagine that you take a substance given to you or that is very affordable to buy, and in 10-15 minutes or so it is ready to take. You do so, and feel a rush of peacefulness, relief, love and happiness that you never felt before. Nothing has ever made you feel so good before.

It may last 20-30 minutes or a couple of days, depending on just what substance you have taken.

All of a sudden you are feeling down as it starts to wear off. The stress is back, as are all the issues you were seeking to forget about. On a physiological level, dissipating are the numbness of emotional and physical pain, and the dopamine rush you had gained. It’s time to get back to reality!

Back into your consciousness comes those bills you were looking to forget, that job you hate, and all the other things you were looking to rid yourself of feeling. And to make things even worse, you haven’t eaten for a while, slept very much, and are feeling very dehydrated.

You have 2 options to consider at this time. One of these can change the course of your life in a positive direction, the other in a negative one.

One of your friends suggests you do it all over again. If you go this path, the truth is that the same cycle starts all over, and the issues you are avoiding only get worse!

Choice number two is to understand that the high you got simply wasn’t worth it, and you have to come down and face reality!

During our research, the question we pose is what if without using drugs, whatever is getting covered up can be accomplished?

Can we naturally induce the feelings achieved that make one feel all the traumas, pains and anxieties are gone?
In truth, healing all the wounds are the answer. Loving ourselves again, dealing with life on a daily basis from a positive point of view, and taking responsibilities for our lives and our actions.

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The good news we have reported is that we are able to induce naturally this high people are seeking, as well as the contentment and peace they want. Drug rehab, rehabilitation, drug addiction, how to get off ice and so much more is what we have to offer those seeking the help they need.

If you would like more information about our Ice Rehab in Melbourne, and how we can help brighten your future paths, please get in touch with us today!

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