The Best Friendly Cleaning Services for Small businesses are GREEN!

Traditional Cleaning:

You are most likely putting acid bowl cleaners, glass cleaners and disinfectant cleaners if in the traditional ways you are cleaning office bathrooms. You should be aware that these products can be toxic, both to those individuals using them and to the environment as well, even though they do a good job of cleaning. You should also know that some of these products are made from petroleum products. The bottom line here is that petroleum products are not renewable resources, so a much “greener” alternative would be to put to use a product which is water based.

In addition, many home owners or residential companies may put white cotton cloths to work cleaning surfaces when they are cleaning in the traditional manner. If doing so, you should be aware that by doing so as they move from one area to the next, you are taking a chance that surfaces may be cross-contaminated while this is happening. Many small business office cleaning services follow this procedure, although the best cleaning services have moved forward with their selections.

And when it comes to the floors in the bathroom being cleaned in the traditional way, it often sweeping with a dust mop or broom, and then cleaning the floors with a cotton rag, sponge mop or cotton mop.


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Green Cleaning:

When you put environmentally friendly methods, tools and products to use cleaning bathrooms, you use more efficient cleaning systems and tools, as well as far safer cleaning products. Your first decision should be to consider switching to those products safer for human life, aquatic life and the environment. Check with some of the friendly cleaners Melbourne or a good local distributor where you will be able to locate some product lines that are environmentally friendly ones. You are seeking cleaning products that are certified, non-hazardous and eco-friendly ones.

Also, when you get involved with cleaning a bathroom, you are dealing with and disinfecting several different surfaces. You of course want to stay away from cross-contaminating any of these surfaces. Putting color-coded microfiber cloths into use is a great way to get this done. For any particular task a different color is put to use. As an example:

Red – toilets
Yellow – sinks and benchtops
Blue – taps and mirrors
Using green methods and cleaning equipment to clean floors will mean that you will be putting a vacuum cleaner which is quality approved and contains a HEPA filter to use when the floor is vacuumed. This method will replace the sweeping method which simply causes dust to become airborne as it spreads the soil all around.

When it comes to mopping the floors putting green cleaning methods and equipment to use, it means substituting for the traditional mop and bucket, a microfiber mop. These use less water, are lighter weight and in their fibers trap more soil than the traditional mops do. To avoid cross-contamination in medical facilities, you can easily switch mop heads from one room to the next.

In Conclusion:

You can easily see the big impact you can make with just a few simple changes in cleaning methods, equipment and chemicals. You will be doing great service to not just your family, friends and employees, but your environment as well! Learn more about small business office cleaning in Melbourne here


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