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It’s official, the doctor has announced I am gluten intolerant. Now, that doesn’t mean to say I don’t enjoy eating gluten laden foods, it means my body can’t digest the protein contained in rye, wheat and barley. The crusty loaf in the bread-bin must be replaced with a gluten-free alternative and I need to surf the gluten free websites for some lush gluten free recipes. Am I going to weep because the gluten has damaged the lining of my small intestine? Or am I going to man up take the bull by the horns and embrace my new gluten-free life?

OK, the weekly supermarket shop is going to take longer because I’m sensitive to gluten and every celiac who keeps stuffing gluten rich foods will continue to have painful guts. Did I forget to mention I am a Celiac? A person who has an adverse reaction after eating gluten is a celiac, so from today on I am going to wear the badge with pride. So, is life as a celiac going to be a complete pain in the ass and how is gluten intolerance going to impact on my daily living? For example, can a celiac date, dance, work in a café, and afford to ignore food labels or let friends choose their meals in restaurants? Will the gluten allergy affect my sex drive, ruin my skin, knacker my organs or make me depressed?

Not if I can help it! I am going to be the first gluten free advocate to create one of the best gluten free web design. I am going to talk about living with celiac disease, where to find a celiac support group and how to get your hands on free gluten free food packs. Have you recently been diagnosed with gluten insensitivity? Come join me and let’s compare notes!

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