The Initial Period With Your New Dobermann Puppy

The initial period with your Doberman Pup is a fun topic..

So, your purebred Dobermann pup has come home for the first time. He or she has left Mum, Dad, sisters and brothers behind and has been placed in a new environment. Doberman puppies are fine when you are cuddling them, however, any Doberman breeder will tell you that Doberman pups will scream and cry when left alone. It would be easy to assume that something is wrong with the new pup, but this is a normal phase the pup will eventually grow out of. This phase may last for a few days during which owners should ignore the puppy until it calms down. In general, it is wise to allow the pup at least five minutes to quieten down.

Nothing will change at night time, a purebred Dobermann pup will probably howl and whine during the night an experienced Doberman breeder will recommend placing the pup into a crate in the laundry. Doberman puppies are bound to have accidents; hence it makes sense to place Doberman pups in a crate overnight.


A howling puppy will disturb the neighbors, so it would be unwise to put the crate outside. Purchase some earplugs if the crying pup is keeping you awake at night, remember, this is only a passing phase.

I have known neighbors to call the RSPCA as the wailing pup has kept them up at night. Doberman puppies are prone to separation anxiety, but neighbors may think the puppy was ill-treated.

A Doberman breeder will recommend feeding a purebred Doberman pup on premium dog food, superfood and numerous dietary supplements. Attempt to wean the puppy from its current diet onto its new diet; this may make the young pup feel more at home. I am an ethical Doberman breeder who is happy to give you a small packet of the dog biscuits they have been eating to take home with you. The crunchy biscuits can be mixed with cheap oats, which will transform them into a great pet superfood, a healthy meal that the growing pup will enjoy.

A purebred Dobermann pup needs two or three meals per day. Place the food in the bowl and leave the food on the floor for fifteen minutes, when time is up or the pet has eaten enough it is time to remove the dish of food. Doberman puppies adopt valuable survival instincts and removing the food bowl ensures the pup doesn’t turn into a fussy eater. Mature Dobermans will eventually be fed once a day.

Doberman pups need to socialize for the first six months of life. Try to take the pup out and about and leave the puppy in the car. Doberman pups should be encouraged to experience new things and in general, dogs are social animals.



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