Tips For Keeping Your Desk And Office Clean

Having a clean and organized workplace is a task, regardless of whether you are working in a traditional office environment or have a small business set up at home. A cluttered desk is certainly an eye sore, but it also poses functional issues – such as extra time spent on looking for files or tools lost in all the clutter. Needless to mention, all the additional time spent will hamper your productivity. Fortunately, we have a few workarounds that should help you erect an efficient workspace.

Discard Old Papers

The majority of the papers piled up on your desk probably won’t have any current use or relevancy. When you start clearing the crowd, confirm you don’t need them going forward. And if you would want those papers back for future reference, have them stored in a place you can easily remember. Have proper filing done so that the current documents are stacked away neatly, with future paper documents also taking the same route. Also, don’t print out every file. Take out hard copies only if you really need them.

Don’t Mix Business With Fun

Don’t play around when you’re working – this is regardless of whether your workspace is at home or in an office. Ensure your home office is sans distractions. Anything that eats up your work time – such as tech gadgets, toys, etc. should be out of sight during working hours. For those working in the office, smart phones and similar tech gadgets can be major time-guzzlers. Ensure your phone is out of sight and secured in a distant place when you’re working. Check your device only during breaks. Remember, you need not check all the email and messages as soon as you receive them.


Clean the Floors

As far as office cleanliness goes, the floor often gets unnoticed, which is quite ironical since it’s the most contaminated portion of an office. All the outside dirt, grime, dust, etc. that get dragged into the office by employees stick to the carpeted floor. This is why small business carpet cleaning makes such a difference to any office environment. Carpet cleaning or carpet stain removal must be made a weekly ritual, with the carpets or floors getting a good steam once every often. Carpets attract dust very easily. In fact, even a carpet that has been vacuumed, or subjected to stain removal or carpet steam cleaning Oakleigh procedures a few minutes ago may house shocking amount of grime.

Keep Regularly Used Items and Supplies Separate

Usually, your desk must house all the items you’ll invariably need throughout the day – which includes pens, laptop, planner, post-it notes, etc. Other items that don’t find use often such as a stapler, paper clips, tape and envelopes must be stored neatly within your desk. This ensures the items that are used less often don’t unnecessarily hog desk space, but are still kept within reach.

Organize Your System

Your virtual desktop needs some house cleaning as well, especially once your favorite wallpaper becomes hardly recognizable. Items you need must be stored in separate files on the disk; others must head to the bin. This should ensure an aesthetically pleasing desktop, besides an easy-to-scan space.

Slow Down

Spend quality time trying to get rid of all the mess your workspace is plagued with. You may be the busiest person in the world, but it still pays to take out some time to tend to the obvious disorganization. Once you’ve set up the place, ensure you keep the look and arrangement going forward. This should save some valuable productivity time in the future.

Get Rid of Carpet Stains

Your carpet probably has a glaring spot, which you have ignored for quite long and perhaps gotten used to it. The blemish is going to stay there forever until you take some serious action against it. Research on how to get the spot off your carpet surface.

Remember, when individual desks in the office are catered to by respective employees, the entire shared office space would end up looking clean in no time.

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