What you get at the WAR ROOM’s office space for rent

The War Room, it presents your insatiable hunger for success. It’s shared office space Mentone using a difference. With small businesses from many hikes, we’ve all bond to synergistically help each others businesses develop beyond where they’re now. Not simply is it a friendly supportive environment, additionally you have the possibility to network with other business owners on a basis.

What does our Cheltenham based office space offer?

Where you can safely leave your valuables overnight you’ll get yourself a lasting area you can call your own personal, you’ll have chair and a nice workplace you may call your own as well as a internet connection.

Work space for book relies in Cheltenham, right nextdoor to Southland Shopping Centre, evidently is filled with buying needs and all of your food. Your office also offers 24 hours accessibility should you need to grab something you forgot to get along with you.


We have also got an easily accessible refrigerator practically attainable of the room where you could leave your hide of food to electricity you through a reliable business-day!

Need to operate a workshop? We have a boardroom for-hire that is perfect for groups of people, that provides total privacy and all the elements you would must make a company presentation to prospects and clients alike.

So can be you on acquiring your small business up a notch keen? Get real and don’t just get your face in Cheltenham, get it into the business office space, in the space that is proper!

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