Your Everything Guide To Hosting A Truly Memorable Celebration

Your Ultimate Guide To Hosting An Unforgettable Party

Much like the name implies, you’re about to discover all of the best tips for hosting a truly unforgettable event. But what makes great parties so incredible for everyone involved, including you? Is it the people, the food or some other, elusive thing? You probably know by now that hosting a great party is about far more than simply getting one thing right. I believe that it’s all about the energy and vibe that arrives at your party and that you create by arranging for a night of laughter. A lot of things can affect the energy and vibe of these vents including the weather and the people you invite. If the weather happens to be ideal and you’ve got a great bunch of extroverted individuals for an outside affair, odds are, a truly amazing night lies ahead.
But much like I’ve already stated – having decent weather and fun people is only a foundation for an unforgettable party. What are other things that will help create a night that people can’t stop talking about for years to come?

The more you strive to touch multiple senses, the more amazing the night will be.

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Your Guests
The guests you invite can actually make or break your event – If you invite everyone you know to your party and half of the people you hang out with are boring introverts, their dull personalities will likely create an equally dull mood. This is just fine if you want to people please and are worried about making people feel like they’ve been left out, BUT – you will definitely need to hit it spot on for each of the points that are outlined below. If you choose to invite lots of people who are witty, chatty and fun, you can watch as these individuals instantly elevate the atmosphere. Chatty people are great at mingling with other chatty people. Conversely, your introverted friends will probably be anxious to get away or may simply group together at the side of the fray. In either case, it isn’t your job to please everyone – after all, it is your party right?

Take some time to consider the different forms of technology that will make your party more fun. Choosing the right sound system is a great place to start. If the party happens to be a big one, your home theater system won’t be enough and you may want to consider hiring a DJ to handle music and sound or renting a PA system.

Do you want to set up a big screen with something playing in the background. This could be a video or photo montage or your life, wedding day snippets or other images that are relevant to your history.

Additional options in cool technology include smoke and bubble machines and lasers. While these are small additions and tend to be applicable to younger people, I’ve seen that they can have a hand in enhancing parties because a smoke machine can add a little something that often gets overlooked and that gives the event some real edge. Paired with a laser machine, this will produce some pretty spectacular effects, which are great at dance parties and other, similar events.

The Catering Company

Chips, dip and chocolate won’t be enough. Foods that are high in sugar do little more than provide a quick buzz. This buzz is then followed by a dramatic dip in energy that leaves people feeling low. You do have the option of continuing to smash sugar in, to boost your energy, but there are much better alternatives to this.

Lower GI carb options are going to give your guests the best energy boost. If working with a nominal budget, check out the options in the freezer section of the local freezer market. If you want to offer something a bit more impressive, however, hire a catering company. There are a number of budget-friendly options that caterers can provide. For instance, you can get party finger foods that people can nibble on at their leisure or you can hire caterers to create your party fare in-house and to have servers on hand to disburse the meal while it’s still fresh and warm.

The Entertainment

You might want a DJ or a PA system or you may want to go all out and get a band. Bands don’t have to cost a whole lot especially when you think about the incredible value that a good group can supply. Best of all, a lot of party bands and DJs have their own sound equipment, which means that it won’t be necessary to hire a PA system.

With a bad, you will also get an exciting front man who can MC all not long, which is guaranteed to be a great touch.

You knew that it this one had to be on the list … Is a party ever really a party without a bit of alcohol. If you want to host a big, nighttime event with lots of guests, hiring a mobile drink catering company is essential. They can make sure that none of your guests are getting over-intoxicated. You certainly don’t want your guests to become belligerent.

The Decor

How do you want to decorate your venue. Will there be streamers and a specific colour scheme or maybe you want to decorate with balloons. Either way, seemingly small details like these can have a major impact on the overall atmosphere!

The Lighting

Having the right lighting is essential for creating the perfect ambiance for your party. This isn’t a final game of basketball or football that we’re playing, so you definitely don’t want to light your event with floodlights.

Candles tend to be the preferred choice at parties. You might want to invest in a bunch of tea candles and then set these up in brown bags that have been filled with sand. Another option is to use LED lighting which can be cheaply acquired on eBay.

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