Your In-Depth Guide To Concert Lighting And Band Photography

Band photography and stage lighting


One of the most important aspects of concerts is stage lighting. Since concerts are mostly held at night or in the evenings, proper lighting is required in order to ensure that the people in the audience can see the band perform. There are many different ways of illuminating the stage for the audience to see the concert in full glory. One must remember that lighting can be used for the purpose of highlighting too. If you want certain aspects of your stage, like speakers, distracting instruments, wires, etc to be concealed then no light should fall upon these. Light should actually fall on the band and the musical instruments used by them.

Live lighting is not an easy task to deal with, therefore if you don’t have any idea about how to light up a stage then you should consider getting a good lighting engineer from a reputable and trustworthy company for this. There are so many companies out there, online as well as offline, which would be more than happy to provide their services pertaining to lighting the venue of events such as conventions, trade shows, concerts, etc. Now, there are two main factors that makes a show truly unforgettable, the first one is the performance of the band and the second one can be cutting edge instruments and lighting products. It is only when these two factors are present in a concert that it would turn out to be a rocking one.

Lighting hire or lighting desk are the best way to go because laymen do not possess the right type of items like spot lights, backdrops, conventional or automated lighting fixtures, strobe lights, rope lights, fiber optic, etc. These are components that are necessary for perfect concert stage lighting and only professional lighting company would have these. In addition to these you can also ask them to throw in some confetti canons, mirror balls and fog machines to make the stage look even more breathtaking.

The reason why mind-blowing live lighting is required for concerts is because without these impressive band photography cannot happen, and nor would fans be able to see the faces of the band members properly. Stage lighting and photography goes hand in hand because without proper lighting one cannot expect the photographs to come out good or be well illuminated. There are certain kinds of lighting options which can make the best setting for shutterbugs to go click-happy. An example of this would be fluorescent and HD lamps. These illuminate the stage in such an impressive way that it makes the task of taking photographs or videos of the band performing on stage easier.

Concerts are such thrilling experiences, here people either enjoy the soulful music or they dance along to the beat. Every moment of a concert is exciting and therefore the best way to capture such moments in a concert would be through band photography. Now, as a band member, if you want to hire someone to conduct band photography for your band then you might as well get a good one. Moreover, getting people who have experience pertaining to taking pictures in live concerts would be better because live band photography is very different from band photoshoots in a customized setting.


If it is a small-scale concert then the lights would play a primitive role. In case you happen to get a stage with poor photo lighting then it would mean that you are making the job of your band photographer a little harder because the photographer would have limited space and bad lighting to work with. A lot of freelance individuals who go for band photography usually carry a zoom lens with them for shooting better pictures. Also, they might be found carrying a stool at times too so that they can get the ‘leverage’ in height which is very much required for them to take better pictures.

For photographers who are looking to capture some great band photography shots it would be best if they use DSLR cameras. These are professional cameras which tackle all the disadvantages associated with olden models of cameras and get rid of them. At times it becomes really difficult to take a proper picture of the stage because of the motion in the audience, i.e. the audience moving around and because of band members who are always in motion. At times, dark lighting is also responsible for band photography disasters.

Before you whip your camera out and start clicking photographs of the band, it is necessary for one to check whether flash is allowed for such concerts or not. If it is allowed then it means that you will have better chances of clicking decent photographs due to this feature.



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